Alumni Survey Results

How happy are DeSales alumni? 

Very happy, indeed.  We're pleased to present the results of our 2015 Annual Alumni Survey.

 99% felt well prepared for their careers or for more schooling. 

 98% are working or not seeking employment by choice. 

 98% were satisfied with the advising they received at DeSales.

 91% would recommend DeSales University. 

 85% believe their degree was a good investment. 

Select Highlights

  • 3 countries represented

  • nearly 50% of employed alums earn 60k/year or more

  • 82% received their job offer prior to,  or within 6 months of, graduation

2015 Response Rate

Over 1,386 viewed the survey, 453 started it, and 396 finished it for an 87% completion rate.  Our overall response rate was 5 - 12% (depending on major).

How we get our alumni data:

Information on our alums comes from various sources. Alums are surveyed upon graduation and again approximately 6 months after graduation. At that time we ask them for their employment information, family information, and post-graduation plans.

The alumni office sends out a monthly e-newsletter which has a link for alums to update their information, and the The DeSales Magazine asks for updated information, as well. Once every five years we contract with a company who publishes an alumni directory and contacts alums to have them update their information. We also receive emails and updates from the alums directly, and occasionally gather public profile information from social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

When we report alumni numbers, we aren’t using a sample size, but are using real numbers in comparison to the number of active alumni we have in our database. For example, when we report the percentage of graduate and evening alumni who live or work in the Lehigh Valley area, we take the total number of graduate and ACCESS alums we have in the database who are living or working in the Lehigh, Northampton, Bucks or Montgomery counties and divide that by the total number of active alums (non-deceased, mailable alums, in US). 

If you have any questions about our alumni data, please contact