Philosophy Certificate

The certificate in philosophy encourages critical thinking and reflects our cultural heritage. It offers an introduction to the system of philosophical thought, an encounter with classic texts across historical eras, and an opportunity to pursue a topic of personal interest. Those earning this certificate gain a well-rounded knowledge of the human situation employers seek in most professions and that institutions of higher education deem valuable in most subject areas.

Philosophy Certificate Requirements:
      PL109 Philosophical Thinking
      PL225 Logic and Argument
      PL350 The Republic of Plato 
        or PL355 The Nichomachean Ethics of Aristotle
      PL345 The Confessions of St. Augustine
        or PL360 The Summa Theologia of St. Thomas Aquinas
      PL340 Existentialism
        or PL365 The Second Treatise of Government of John Locke
        or PL375 The Age of Reason
        or PL390 A Seminar in creativity and beauty
      PL499 Independent Study in Philosophy     

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