Theology Certificate

This certificate seeks to provide a broad understanding of, and appreciation for, the Christian vision of the world and various dimensions of the human experience. It offers an introduction to the method of theological thought, a consideration of central topics in the field, and an opportunity to pursue a topic of personal interest. Those earning a certificate in theology gain an integration of faith and reason that allows entry into professional positions in church service, like teaching, administration, etc., or advanced degree work in theological disciplines.

Theology Certificate Requirements:
     TH109 Catholic Theology: An Introduction
     TH232 As Jesus Speaks 
          or TH234 The Old Testament
     TH211 Rites to Life 
          or TH350 The Church and Sacraments 
          or TH364 The Church and Family Life
     TH260 Marriage and the Family 
          or TH261 Sexual Morality 
          or TH262 Medicine and Morality
     TH362 Jesus Christ
     TH499 Independent Study in Theology

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