AIM: Individualized Major

Target the studies that are most relevant to your goals

AIM (ACCESS Individualized Major) is a self-designed degree program that allows you to address your specific academic and vocational needs by individualizing your course of study. AIM customizes your education while ensuring rigorous standards within a carefully constructed yet flexible framework.

  • Focus on your interests
    AIM provides greater degrees of flexibility in the selection of the courses for your major field of study. You choose the areas of concentration that will give you the knowledge and competence necessary to achieve your chosen career or fulfill a personal goal.
  • Receive extensive support 
    As a student of the AIM program, you will be assigned an ACCESS academic advisor who will guide you every step of the way. The advisor's role is to help you shape the major that best fulfills both the academic requirements of the University and your personal, professional, and academic goals.
  • Name your own major 
    You'll also have the option of choosing the name of your individualized major. This distinct title can provide greater specificity in your professional employment objectives and serve as a personal point of pride in your career.

Some examples of AIM degrees:

Career Goal: Engaging employment at Juvenile detention centers, group homes and family shelters. 
AIM Degree: B.A. Juvenile Justice and Counseling

Career Goal: To work with an at-risk youth population often entangled in the criminal justice system or engaged in destructive behaviors.
AIM Degree: B.A. Intervention Counseling

Career Goal: Join in my family business and implement a plan to achieve new growth levels by developing a marketing plan, optimizing existing assets, and evaluating additional resources.
AIM Degree: B. A. Small Business Management

How quickly can I earn my degree?

40 courses (120 credits) are required for graduation. But, did you know?

Please refer to the Undergraduate Catalog for a more detailed explanation of the specific degree requirements and course prerequisites.

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Students are required to apply for acceptance into the AIM program.

Guidelines for acceptance include:

  1. Meet with an ACCESS advisor to discuss the AIM program as well as your individual goals.
  2. Research those areas of study in which you are most interested.
  3. Submit a short essay that describes your goals, your interests, and your professional experiences.
  4. Design your program in consultation with your ACCESS advisor.
  5. Outline your course schedule for completion of your program.
  6. Schedule periodic meetings with your advisor to report and review progress.