A hands-on, professional approach to education

At DeSales, students learn how to use the equipment in their first year. That's right — you'll be using the cameras and edit systems in your freshman year. That means you'll get to learn from your mistakes and have plenty of opportunities to improve. You won't get that at many schools. 

The program mixes practical application and theory from the start, covering a wide range of production experiences. Television shows and short films are always in production. They range from news, sports and music videos to comedies and dramas on film. Students are the driving force behind every phase of productions — including writing, directing, camera, lighting, on-air, producing and editing.


Jobs and Internships obtained by DeSales University TV/Film Students and Alumni:

Montel Williams MTV
Colbert Report The Queen Latifah Show
TK Productions
The History Channel
Late Night with Conan O'Brian Resolution Pictures
WABC-TV Comedy Central
WLVT-TV Will Smith Video
NBC Less Than Perfect
According to Jim House Wars
Change of Heart Touchstone Television
Warner Bros. Television Maury Povitch
Jerry Bruckheimer Films Def Jam Records
Disneyworld Batman:The Dark Knight


A letter from a parent

“Not sure if you remember or not, but when [our son] had his interview with you, I mentioned that we felt DeSales was the perfect school for him. I have to say that we were right on the mark with those sentiments.  He is simply FLOURISHING in many ways since he arrived on campus, and is so excited about his career path.  He went from being a kid of very few words to one we can’t get to stop talking about every aspect of what he is doing, from his job as a camera man, to directing one piece, photographing on another, etc. This is music to our ears, so to speak. As a parent, I want to thank you for your part in that, we sincerely appreciate the environment you have helped create for him.”


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Outreach Programs

  • The Summer Video Institute 
    (SVI) at DeSales offers students an introduction to the theories and techniques of digital movie-making. Working with state-of-the-art technology, students will design, shoot, and edit films of their own creation.

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