Secondary Teacher Education Program (STEP) Minor

"STEP" up your major's earning potential by getting trained and certified to teach at the middle and high school levels.

Late middle school and high school jobs are becoming available — with shortages in foreign languages, mathematics, science, and English. Adding the STEP minor can make your DeSales degree even more powerful.

  • You will earn teacher certification to teach grades 7 – 12 with some schools hiring for 6th grade.

  • Teacher certification is easily transferable to 45 states.

  • You stay in your major and graduate in your major; education is a minor overlaying the major.

  • You can join the program as late as fall of your Junior year.

  • If you are nearing graduation, we have a fast-track graduate-level teacher education program that can be completed in a year.

  • The education-specific courses you will need to take before student teaching total 27 credits (9 courses).

  • You can add more certifications in English as a second language, special education, online instruction, instructional technology, and/or STEM endorsement.

  • You will student teach full-time in the last semester of senior year OR come back in fall to student teach.

Complete a certification program in:

If you are interested in finding out more about STEP, make an appointment with Dr. Rance-Roney.  OR 610-282-1100 ext. 1465.

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