Media Studies

As a media studies major, you will be exposed to a wide variety of content that includes an introduction to mass communication theory, media law, digital media and art production, film, television and radio production and writing courses in journalism and public relations.

You will also have the opportunity for practical application of these skills in a variety of experiences including:

  • Writing for the student newspaper

  • Creating digital content for the newspaper website

  • Working on research for the forthcoming web forum in the media studies major

  • Producing content for the forthcoming media studies major podcast

  • Assisting in event planning and promotion through public relations course work

The major incorporates these experiences both in and out of the classroom to give you valuable experience in production and theory and an awareness of the ethical concerns present in the contemporary world of the media industry.

This multi-disciplinary degree is presented with collaboration from the TV/Film, Mathematics and Computer Science, and Communications faculty. 


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