Marriage & Family Studies

The only undergraduate marriage and family studies program of its kind among Catholic colleges and universities in the United States.

Marriages and families are microcosms of life itself. Healthy and happy families tend to produce persons who are able to enjoy their own lives and to contribute meaningfully to society. Our culture, however, struggles more and more with the difficulty of sustaining life-long commitments.

The B.A. degree in marriage and family studies is a unique attempt to highlight the formation of students —not only as future working professionals — but also as strong spouses and parents. You'll have the opportunity to major or minor in marriage and family studies, or to complete a certificate program. With this background, you'll be able to make a living in a variety of fields (social services, church ministries, counseling, etc.); but, more importantly, you'll be able to live your life well in fulfillment of your personal and social existence.

Study Abroad

Have you ever wanted to spend time in Australia, England, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Monaco, Switzerland, or Spain? Thanks to our very special partnerships with universities in those countries, you'll have the opportunity to spend a semester studying abroad at the same cost as a term at DeSales.

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