In the tradition of Christian Humanism, the study of philosophy is essential to that pursuit of truth which brings to light the relationship between faith and reason.

Liberal arts education has traditionally placed strong emphasis on the importance of philosophical reflection for the formation of a human person.

The Philosophy program at DSU is seen as a dialogue among persons seeking truth and will promote personal appropriation in that search. Philosophical insight will help you to discriminate and relate the different kinds of knowledge which make up the sum of human learning, and to interpret your study of the sciences and the humanities into significance for humankind.

Outside experts have weighed in on the enduring value of a Philosophy degree!  Click on the links to learn more:

open quoteTHE best reason for a revival of philosophy is that unless a man has a philosophy certain horrible things will happen to him. He will be practical; he will be progressive; he will cultivate efficiency; he will trust in evolution; he will do the work that lies nearest; he will devote himself to deeds, not words. Thus struck down by blow after blow of blind stupidity and random fate, he will stagger on to a miserable death with no comfort but a series of catchwords; such as those which I have catalogued above. Those things are simply substitutes for thoughts. In some cases they are the tags and tail-ends of somebody else’s thinking. That means that a man who refuses to have his own philosophy will not even have the advantages of a brute beast, and be left to his own instincts. He will only have the used-up scraps of somebody else’s philosophy; which the beasts do not have to inherit; hence their happiness.”

—  G.K. Chesterton: "The Revival of Philosophy—Why?"

Flexible Course Options

The flexibility of this program of study allows you to benefit from a wide variety of options among courses in philosophy and in other disciplines offered at DeSales University. In addition, through our LVAIC partnership, you may take courses at several other local colleges (with faculty approval, of course) to enrich your personalized program of study.

Dual Major

Dual Major: 2 degrees in 4 yearsThe design of the Philosophy major affords you the opportunity to combine this program with another area of study at DeSales.  By pursuing a dual major, you can link our solid foundation in liberal arts to a variety of potential careers.

Study Abroad

Have you ever wanted to spend time in Australia, England, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Monaco, Switzerland, or Spain? Thanks to our very special partnerships with universities in those countries, you'll have the opportunity to spend a semester studying abroad at the same cost as a term at DeSales.

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