In the tradition of Christian Humanism, the study of theology is integral to self-comprehension, for we discover our existential fulfillment only when we learn to be "beings-in-love" with God.

Catholic higher education necessarily places strong emphasis on the role of divine revelation in human life.  The theology program at DSU will teach you to appreciate the divine calling of every human being to a life of love. 

Beginning with human experience, theology addresses the ultimate concerns of our existence. It searches for understanding by way of systematic reflection upon the data of revelation. It leads to the practice of a meaningful life consistent with an intelligible faith.

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Have you ever wanted to spend time in Australia, England, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Monaco, Switzerland, or Spain? Thanks to our very special partnerships with universities in those countries, you'll have the opportunity to spend a semester studying abroad at the same cost as a term at DeSales.

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Dual Major

 Dual Major: 2 degrees in 4 years

The design of the Theology major affords you the opportunity to combine this program with another area of study at DeSales.  By pursuing a dual major, you can link our solid foundation in liberal arts to a variety of potential careers.

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