Understanding the thoughts, emotions and behaviors of others is critical to the process of evolving into compassionate, empathetic and fully human beings. 

That such an understanding can be nurtured through the study of psychology is the philosophy of the our faculty here at DeSales University. As a psychology major, you'll be asked to give careful consideration as to how more than a century of scientific findings of psychological research give us all fundamental lessons about how to live our lives in ways that will enable us to be forces of positive change in the world.


Psychology - General Track

A general program of psychology, applicable to many different careers.


For those want to pursue careers within the applied fields of clinical/counseling psychology and other mental health-related professions.


For those who want to pursue graduate school education or whose emphasis is on experimental psychology or to pursue a research-oriented career in psychology. 


For those who want to pursue careers within the applied field of forensic psychology.


Our faulty are passionate about engaging each student as a uniquely gifted individual, and we are committed not only to the intellectual, but also the moral and cultural development of our students. 


The courses offered in the psychology program will expose you to methodologies employed to address problems and issues of the discipline. These courses also provide you with the means to develop analytical and interpretational skills, and the ability to express such skills in written and oral communication. This mission is possible within the context of supportive faculty-student interactions in the classroom, seminars, and independent study courses.

The psychology program at DeSales prepares you intellectually and morally for:

  1. Employment in applied fields of psychology such as counseling, human services, industry, and secondary education.

  2.  Admission to graduate schools for continuing education.

  3. A lifelong process of learning and growth.

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