The development and application of computer technology continues to create opportunities for professionals educated in computer and information sciences.

Computer Science

Earn your bachelor's and master's degrees in just five years!Gain the skills needed for graduate study, a career, or both in the continuously changing fields of computer science. The curriculum leading to the Bachelor of Science degree in computer science provides a solid foundation in both computer science theory and practice. IT focuses on the design, development, testing, and maintenance of a versatile set of software applications and hands-on experience with hardware.


Cyber Security

Focuses on the practical and theoretical aspects of the fast growing cyber security sector.

Game Programming

Concentrate on the visual aspect of computing combined with the logic of movement and design. Video game development, animation, and simulation have shifted the technology marketplace, and currently, these skills extend far beyond the video game industry as they becomes embedded in a multitude of industries, such as healthcare.

Make it a minorDigital Art

Study and create digital art, combining the science of computing with the creativity of art. Courses in this concentration teach students the advanced techniques in graphic design, animation creation, game programming, simulation development, and user interface. Fine arts course offered through the humanities department enhance this degree by complimenting the graphical design with an artistic approach.

Make it a minor

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