Biochemistry-Molecular Biology

When you become a biochemistry-molecular biology student at DeSales, you will be immersed in an exciting and unique integration of biochemistry, molecular and cell biology, genetics, and chemistry.

You will acquire a strong background that will enable you to engage in the study of biological systems that will prepare your for a career in healthcare, as well as academic or pharmaceutical research, and science education at any level

If you...

  • Are fascinated with the complexity and beauty of life and want to learn more

  • Are attracted to the biological and chemical sciences

  • Are considering a career in health care

  • Are interested in developing new medical treatments and diagnostics

Then the biochemistry-molecular biology program will help you fulfill your dream

As a graduate of our program, you will be prepared to go on to successful careers that include:

  • Research and management in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries

  • Graduate studies in medicine, dentistry, or veterinary science

  • Research and teaching at universities, professional schools, and government laboratories

  • Graduate level studies in biology, chemistry, and biochemistry.

  • Secondary Science education

Our program offers:

  • A complete education as a scientist built around DeSales' liberal arts curriculum

  • The state-of-the-art facilities, well-equipped laboratories, and instrumentation of the departments of biology and chemistry

  • Outstanding faculty able to offer expert technical support and invaluable training in a friendly and personable atmosphere

  • Flexibility to fit your individual needs by designing the upper level classes around your interests

  • Small classes. Satisfy your curiosity and learn about the biochemistry topics that interest you the most with close supervision and guidance

We are very excited about our biochemistry-molecular biology program and the opportunities it offers you. We want to help you decide whether this is the place and the program for you.

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