Frank L. Marcon Lecture Series

This lecture brings some of the most prominent communications professionals to DeSales

The Frank L. Marcon Lecture Series was established in 1983 in honor of Frank L. Marcon, a prominent area businessman. Mr. Marcon served on the DeSales University Board of Trustees from 1966 until his death in 1982. The lecture series was made possible through contributions by friends of the University in his memory.

Marcon Lectures 1984-2016

Year Speaker Speaker's Title
2016 Michelle Malkin
 Senior Editor, Conservative Review
2013 Stephen Hayes
 Senior writer at the Weekly Standard
2012 Katty Kay Lead anchor of BBC World News America
2011 Ann Compton
ABC News White House Correspondent
2010 Jonathan Alter
Introducer: Tom McNamara
Newsweek and NBC News
2009 Billy Packer
Introducer: Scott Coval
Emmy Award-winning Sports Broadcaster 

Lisa Myers
Introducer: Anne Lewis

NBC News Senior Investigative Correspondent

Larry Kane
Introducer: Dr. Angela Corbo 

Philadelphia News Anchor and Author
2006 Frank Deford
Introducer: Dr. Doug Turco
Legendary Sports Journalist and author
2005 William Kristol
Introducer: Dr. Scott Paul
Writer and Political Commentator 
2004 Tucker Carlson
Introducer: Dr. Brennan Purcell
Journalist and Political Commentator
2003 Peggy Noonan
Introducer: Greg Skutches
Author & Former Presidential Speech writer 
2002 Dr. Bob Arnot
Introducer: Dr. Edward Jones
Special Foreign Correspondent for NBC TV 
2001 George Weigel
Introducer: Dr. Larry Chapp
Author of Witness to Hope: Bio of Pope John Paul II 
2000 Helen Thomas
Introducer: Dr. Karen D. Walton
Chief White House correspondent for Press International
1999 Paul Gigot
Introducer: John H. Weiland Jr. '77
Wall Street Journal columnist and political analyst for the News Hour with Jim Lehrer and Meet the Press
1998 Charlie Rose
Introducer: Dr. James McGoldrick
Emmy Award winning television journalist, host, & executive editor of Charlie Rose, the nationally syndicated PBS television show
1997 Tim Russert
Introducer: Patrick Mulcahy
Moderator. NBC Meet the Press. Washington Bureau Chief NBC News
1996 Rev. Richard John Neuhaus
Introducer: Rev. Thomas Dailey, OSFS
President, Institute on Religion & Public Life
1995 Mark Shields
Introducer: Rev. Daniel Gambet, OSFS
Nationally Syndicated Columnist/recognized author
1994 William H. Gray, III
Introducer: Dennis Campbell
Member, U.S. House of Representatives, President of United Negro College Fund
1993 Robert Novak
Introducer: Dr. Samuel Martineau
Nationally Syndicated Columnist
1992 Jack Whitaker Highly acclaimed television sports commentator 
1991 Judy Woodruff Chief Washington Correspondent for MacNeil Leher news hour
1990 David Broder National Political Correspondent
1989 William Proxmire Retired Wisconsin Senator
1988 Andrea Mitchell Cheif Congressional Correspondent 
1987 Eric Sevaried CBS Newsman

Bryant Gumbel

NBC Anchorman for the Today Show
1985 Howard K. Smith ABC & CBS Newsman 

Edwin Neumann

NBC Correspondent