Living @DeSales

“DeSales is truly my home away from home”

There's a very special feeling in the air here at DeSales — a feeling of acceptance, belonging, and community that many of our students describe as a feeling of “home.”

Our 400+ acre residential campus in the Lehigh Valley, PA is bright, beautiful, and safe. Our residence halls are modern and spacious, and offer so much more than the old-fashioned “dorms” your parents might remember from their college days. 

And — even though everything you need is only a short walk away — all students are welcome to bring their cars to campus. Most of our traditional undergraduate students do live on campus, so it's the easiest way to connect with your classmates and forge life-long friendships.

All first-year residential students live in suites of four: two students in each double room with a shared bathroom in between. Rooms in Conmy and Tocik are approximately 18’ x 9’ with built-in closets. Rooms in Aviat Hall are approximately 19’ x 12’ with freestanding wardrobes. Incoming first-year students are required to either reside on campus or commute from home. 

Room with your friend or make a new one.

You may request a specific roommate when completing your housing application - he or she must be a deposited freshman of the same gender and must request you, too. 

If you don't have a specific roommate in mind, our housing application software has a "match maker" function to help you find the right person to share in your first year college experience. 

Yes, you can bring your car!

Unlike a lot of schools, freshman at DeSales are allowed to keep a car on campus. Parking permits are required, of course, and are available during move-in weekend. 

Substance-free housing.

All three residence halls are alcohol-free. We also have an entirely substance-free housing option — students living in these areas sign a supplemental contract agreeing to refrain from bringing the effects of alcohol use into the community and to abstain from tobacco products. 

 Your admission deposit date determines priority for housing in these areas.

First-year students are housed together in three residence halls:


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