Current Students

MyDSU is your gateway to all* of your DeSales websites and accounts. 

Your e-mail, WebAdvisor, Blackboard Learn, and Datatel logins will be available from one place, with ONE login and ONE password!  

  • Students: Your login for all* of your accounts will be your DeSales e-mail/Gmail username –
    for example: im1234 
    and your active directory/ResNet password – usually your birthday followed by Dsu – for example:
    071090Dsu (if your birthday is July 10, 1990). This is CASE SENSITIVE.

  • Faculty and Staff: your login and password for all* of your accounts will be your Active Directory login – the one you use to log into your computer, usually your last name and first initial – for example: facultya 

The first time you log in to MyDSU, you'll be prompted to enter your password a few times as the single-sign-on-system learns who you are and ties all of your accounts together. But, once you complete the process, MyDSU becomes a one stop shop! Better still, if you ever forget your password, you'll soon be able to reset it yourself - no HelpDesk required!** 

**Of course, if you ever have any trouble at all, the HelpDesk is always available to guide you through. :)

How to Log In

Log in from the top right of any page or login directly at

DeSales MyDSU Login